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ML Buch + Homies

Doors open at
Kløvermarksvej 70 D
2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
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ML Buch is Marie Louise Buch, a Danish composer, producer and vocalist who seeks to explore the realm between experimental and pop sounds.

Largely on a laptop ML Buch made her critically acclaimed debut album 'Skinned' (Anyines, 2020). A luminous album with expansive guitar work and catchy melodies visually accompanied by self-produced music videos as well as a full album length video showing pictures taken by a camera pill travelling through her throat and into her

ML Buch is currently working on guitar based songs with strong melodies and instrumental cinematic pieces as connective tissue - like writing a score to a non-existing movie or open world game. She has contributed to releases by CTM, Astrid Sonne and Jura.

Ned Ferm – Saxophone Jeppe Skovbakke – Bass Rune Kielsgaard – Drums

The three members of HOMIES were first introduced in 2001 as part of the internationally acclaimed band Anderskov Accident. In this band they worked with a mix of improvisation and heavily arranged and complex music with references to abstract math, modern and contemporary classical music. As a trio Homies focus solely on improvisation, but retains a lot of these structures yielding a unique sound of an obscurely gridded free jazz drone.

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